Fatiha Morchid

 Etincelle d’ailleurs

 “Spark from elsewhere “


Poems in french, Unicité Edition,

collection « Poètes francophones planétaires) Paris 2017.

Etincelle d’ailleurs “ Spark from elsewhere”

is the title of Fatiha Morchid’s new collection of poetry, published by Unicité editions, in the collection « planetary francophone poets » Paris 2017.

In those poems dedicated to the memory of her brother “who challenged the sea by marrying him forever” Fatiha Morchid invites us to share her fruitful solitude in the face of curious waves of her moods, to breathe the salty smell of the sea at full lungs and to listen to its agitation which echoes ours.

The subtle fragments of these poems urge us to meditate on our condition as a human being confronted with the immensity of the unknown, the inevitable loss and imperfections of the heart.

Intensely dense and deep poems from which springs, like an inexhaustible source, emotions of a sweet melancholy which seems necessary to the triumph of joy.


Fatiha Morchid, winner of the 2010 Morocco Poetry Prize, is both a poet and a novelist. A paediatrician by profession, she prepared and presented a health education program for several years on the 2M television channel as well as a show entitled “Moment of poetry”.

A member of the Writers’ Union of Morocco, Fatiha Morchid has published seven collections of poetry, a collection of short stories and six successful novels in the Arabic language. “Spark from elsewhere” is her first collection of poetry in French.