Fatiha Morchid

Ayyaa sawaadin tukhfi ya Qawsa Quzah

« What Dark are you Hiding O Rainbow »



Marsam publications, Rabat 2006.


Poetry book published in both languages Arabic and French. French translation by Abderrahman Tenkoul. Marsam publications, Rabat, 2006.

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Poem from the book:


What Dark are you Hiding

 O Rainbow?


A bohemian I am

In search of a frame


To contain my charms


What do I care about

The ugliness of the wall




How can I infiltrate

My madness

To one who professes





He’s got plenty of boredom

To embrace stillness

On the peaks of the shooting star




He rephrases

Old questions

With a new paintbrush

That doesn’t care about answers




His silence

Covers me


My rhetoric

Strips him naked



My lips burn

Whenever he holds a cigarette

Tight between his lips




Sufficient to me

The red of his tongue

The guy kneeling down

Over my nudity

All quivering


Among colors




A single look from him

Shoots forth suddenly

Ploughs the clouds


Then sink I

Into my orphanhood




And a paintbrush

Slain by passion

At the spine


Like my bones


Can no longer

Stand erect




I fiercely crave

The conceit in fingers

That gather my fragments

From junk time

Paint my eyelids

With ash memories

And plant nails

Like beauty spots

On the immaculate




Here’s the sea

In a white shirt

Climbing me


In the magnificence of its shyness

At its bottom

I settle down

Like sand


What if my ink-like feelings


Its clarity





But my meadows

Draw together its dispersal


As they turn green

Beneath its water




With life you gamble

For the a fleeting




When you haven’t yet


My breast



The jealousy of the paintbrush

Smears me



Whenever your eyes

Touch my white




I caress

Your fatal bending

Over my weariness


And life stands up

An elderly

Longing for beginnings





Are desires

When lavished

Like a flame


On a prisoner

Of ash




You perpetual



I engraved you

As faith

In my heart




Sleep safe

At my feet


I am the guard

Of our night




I dressed in


This morning


To tempt





I love you this morning

And I each morning

Retrieve my beauty

From your fingers


I gather up distances

To journey into you




You want me a balm

For a wound

Inflicted by another


Should I apologize for her sake


Or to a wound

Inflicted by another

Hurting in my breast




Scattered we are

In our rubble


Striving to live austerely


To endure





Don’t apologize

For an error

That led me

To you




Go on




I promise

Not to lose the way

Twice to your heart


Wherever you turn

My sweat

Leads to you




I dance

To the rhythm of your pulse


Which are my fingers

From yours?




What did you commend

The blue

That pours over my feet


And supplants

Your rashness




A smart student

You know me

By heart


Why do you stutter

Whenever a question

Rises between us?





I ripened

On embers

That carouse with the horizon




Blow over me



Yielding your destiny

To temptation



Like seasons



As my breast

When it succumbs

To your palm




The more inaccessible I am

The more persistent you are


When I soften

You fall for another


As if your faithfulness

to me

Is a betrayal to yourself




You besiege me

Like death


Whenever a new birth

Surprises you




My joy in you

Fills me

To aching


I fear me

When I fall for an illusion

Of which you are the truth


And from you I fear

A truth that dissipates my illusion



O Lord

Assist me with particles of clay

For his storm blew me out




You demolish and build me up

You build me up and demolish me


I rise


Like an abyss


My splendor

In my disarray




My blood looks like you

As you walk

On my wound


Stripped naked


Of certainty




You are now

On the verge of life


In me

About to die



Like a blind woman

I feel for

The colors of your soul


To what estuary

Are you luring me

O stubborn river?


Banks are void

But for a boat

That a breakdown retains


Reciting its precepts

To the mud




His embers

In the solitude of creation

Burn none but him




lying in bed

He asks about a mountain

That passed us by


Like a meteorite


Don’t break free

From between my ribs

No pulse afterwards




A child you are

Chasing butterflies

And crying

When their colors

Stain your fingers




I am all butterflies

If one burns up

Another rises

From your ashes




Here I am

By the fireplace

A witness

To your burning


Here you are

In my entrails

A witness

To my desire




The day you take off


To wear

The caution suit


I’ll withdraw

Like sweat

From your pores




Here you are

Teasing space

With your uproaring absence




What will I do

With Time

After you?




And What dark

Are you hiding

O rainbow


Translated from Arabic by

Norddine Zouitni