Fatiha Morchid

Inza’a Anni l’khota

(Take my steps off)



Toubkal Edition, Casablanca 2015.


Poem from the book:

Take my steps off



Are the pain of the shoe

Take my steps off

Like a thorn from a foot


O you walker

On a path

That no longer pleases you


Where the shade

Takes a break from you


Your anxiety

Won’t perturb the dead

Nor will concealing your pain

Prevent feeling it


The luxury of your faith in tomorrow

Amazes me

As if it’s destined

To be better

As if coincidences are unbiased

And forgetting

Is within reach of the heart


I will never be

A goldfish

Coiling around itself

In your little water


I have a kinship with the blue

And a passion for boats

Which never come back


Let’s knead ashes

Into a loaf

For the wretched in love

Hunger cannot save

From nostalgia

When poems




O Night

Unable to hide your secrets

Hanging stars are tired

Of our aborted groans

As rocks

Of dashing waters

O Night

Open your eyes

On our secrets

And take our enduring steps off


All destinations lead to us

As we stand naked

In the middle of the dark


O Night

O friend who doesn’t know me

Open your eyes

So that I see me


Between myself and me

Salt beaches

Pain of seagulls

And storms

That wash away

The dreams of seamen


Between myself and me

A misunderstanding

A misloving

And a bit of loyalty

To a little girl

That still exercises standing

To dazzle you


Facing the wind

I walk on

My memory crawling behind me

Chapters I do add to it

Chapters it does take off me


How narrow is the path

Without reinventing memories


What can words do

When meaning dries up

In the vein of passion?

And what can

The heart winds

With the astrolabe debris?


Time is tired

Of chasing its shadow

And so am I

Of my own thin shadow


Who can stop clocks?

Or restore travel illusions

To the cane

When stations call out

In their full silence?


O friendly night

I seek not the unraveling

Of my soul’s talismans

With your white sheets

Let them be a smile from the unknown

When the dark enwraps me

That’s all..

That’s all.


Translated from Arabic by Norddine Zouitni