Fatiha Morchid

 Waraqun Achik

 (Leaves of Passion)



First edition, Dar Attakafa, Casablanca 2003.


Second edition in both languages Arabic and French (Feuillets passionnés). French translation by Touria Ikbal, Marsan Edition, Rabat 2008. (See translated books)


Poem fron the book

Leaves of Passion




Pregnant is the shell of the soul

Between me and ink

A sea of labor


How to be released

When the sail of the heart

Is but leaves

Blown in the winds




I stumble

On the tail of the night

I weave

A cover

From the letters of the body

To shelter myself

From your chill


O Setting star


All the pathways of the soul

Lead to you

But each time I open a window

At the back of my heart

The paths forsake me



Towards  you


O gamester


Toying with the tides of my blood

Like a faraway island



Come back


To the shore of dreams

A seagull

Come back a shell

Come back a wave

And break

At the heart cracks


Like a sail

Wedded to the wind





With a bared soul

And bared hands

I come to you


Cover me

With eyelashes

For when

I am in love

I become a baby

Embracing the universe


In a pair of breasts





I stretched

My wings

To the wind

To hug

Your clouds

O woman


Give me


A reason

To brace me against

The flights

Of the heart


And lend me

A hand

To bypass

All the Paths

To the sugary

In you


O bitter






O dreamy-eyed woman

I dream…

Of curbing my drifts

Towards the pit of seduction

In you


In the dead of night

I sneak

To your discreet soul


To stumble on

Who in you

Inspires my torture


Where are you hiding him?


And where does my shadow conceal itself

when he meets you ?




In the twilight of the crowd

I dole out my steps


I stumble

Like a child learning to walk

Like him

I search for a breast

To catch my fall



The price of my incandescence

In you

As I search

For a destiny to my dream




I will take away

The talisman of your love

From around my neck

And cast…

My poems

Into the sea


I will bathe

Into the seven waves

And sacrifice

A rooster for the tribe

I will disable

O lady

The charm of the stars


The shades of the vines


And tumble down


Into the pit

Of my agony


My healing




You came back to me


You opened the curtains of my soul

And sun rays started anew

Weaving a handkerchief

Of wild flowers

On my pillow


Thorns reminded me

Of a beard neglected


It doesn’t matter

I will bathe in your eye




Used to defeat

What do I care

O woman

To be defeated in you


When your lips

Are the sweetest battle




You left

And your perfume conquered the place


How can I evade it

When your breath

Fills mine


You left…

The warmth in the couch

And the shade of the candlestick

Ask about you

While the tipsy…cup of coffee

Still whispers to your lips




When I leave you

I meet you in my depths

A rescue boat

On which I sail the void

As I wait

For the return of meaning


To meaning


In your presence




I turn away

From the sun

I sink…

Under the clouds

Fondling the shade

Of a poem

For a lady


In absence


I bitterly sip my coffee

Searching between the lines

Of a newspaper

For a piece of news

That ignites

My amazement



I ride

The sluggish day

A fleeting melody

Stops me

A vision

Chases me

I pass by…

A dating memory

A kiss

Tempts me to the verge

Of tears


And when the evening comes

I wrap myself

In the black of your eyes

And dream of the moon




Your absence comes over me

with the tune

Of Abdelwahab

I sing

“it’s not me who’d cry”


A tear

Defies me




Down the slope

Of that mountain

Between the shrubs of longing


The smoke

Of my anguish for you


The melodious river bubble

Provokes me

The sleepy willow rustle

Strikes my ear drum


I hear

But wailing


Another morning

Without the splendor of your eyes

Clears up


As if the impossible




The sun’s flame

Dies out

On a day

Without a date

A taste of ash

Overwhelms me


Your white shirt

Turns pale

On my breast

As the black of waiting



I beseech

A pen of fire

To melt down

My coldness

For you


Vertigo engulfs me

When the sun

Winks at my drafts




I cast my look

Into the lap of waves

The soul livens up

And my vows


Towards you


Bitter Is

The solitude of the boat

Wild is this vastness

And overflowing…

Is my thirst

For you





My heart thrills

With rapture


Looms up

In my depths

Such is your presence…

A bewitching sunset

That charms me




Night comes


All hope to meet

The moon


I look through

The soul seams

At the image

Of a radiant cloud

Crossing the sky

Where water is far away

And the pillow distant



Night comes


All hope to meet

The moon



The moist horizon

With boredom

And blocking the air


With the fragrance of kisses


I inscribe

The parts of your body

I haven’t read yet

On the leaves of longing

While waiting

For the first breath

Of dawn





You could


All the women

I loved

And all those

I dreamed


My delights

With their high heels




O fragrance

Summing up

All the aroma of roses

O essence

Of one thousand grapes

You seat in throne

On my fissures

And rained

My summer





Thirsty I am…

O pour yourself


Into the pores of my soul

I will kneel down

In veneration

For I am from a country

That worships





Your perfume

crouches under the bedsheet


And on the bedside


Your little things


Protecting me

In your absence

from sleep temptations




He has « Rights »

Over you…


While I have

But my heartbeats

So do not blame me

My lady

If under your bed

You discover

My pulse




Since I learnt

About your lonely night

My lady

I play

The stars

And dance

With the moon




whenever the dark of the night

wearies the heart

And the expectation of light

overwhelms eyelids


I furnish


With white memories

And promise the full moon

An imminent encounter




To me you were


Growing in my shade

I comb the soil

With eyelashes

And water it

With ardent thrist


Would I be unjust

To stand

In the face of winds

That did


Your fruit




The breath of my shouts will shake

Your deaf trees

And your wild branch

Will shiver in my shade

The echo will let fall

The remains

Of virgin leaves


When I succomb to oblivion




I saw her

Bathing in your eyes

As we poured glass

After glass


The return of the rain


You warned me

Of the shards of glass

That fell

Off my hand


No worry


Blood dried up

In my veins




The heart valises

Are packed

Do not hang on

To a smile…


To dissipate the fog

Of a date

Tasting like a farewell


This afternoon

Will not upset me

Since I still

Have a date with the moon




The sky will sulk at me

If I dispute

The night of your eyes

My shadow will abandon me

And light will loathe me


And if I reveal

The cracks in my breast

forced by your looks

Others will marvel

At the cruelty

Of my patience




Each time I seek

A destiny for my dream

You take away sleep

From under my eyelids


A tear cleanses

Slumber remains

And insomnia

Will in white dress

wed my night


What if

The heart of the night

Were tenderer

Than the heart

Of my beloved?




I ran after a dream

That kept me awake

But at the break of dawn

hugged me

What do I care

About Its embrace

After the thrill

Of seeking




I carry

Your tattoo

In the folds of the heart

How can one

Born with each heartbeat

Die out


If a part of me

Backs away

Another part


For the needle prick

whenever it feels

The tattoo



A rioutous

Was my heart

And is still


To learn from mistakes




If poetry

Like your love

Opens a breach

In the dark

How many

Mu’allaqat poems will it take

To overcome

Obscurity ?




What if

I surrendered


To the pursuit

Of the void shadow

Inside me


The little light

That my devotion to you

Left behind


What if

I surrendered

To a slow death

amidst your notebooks


What if

I surrendered

To my inability

To ignite

A fiery love

daying out

In my palms


And then retreat

Into the cocoon

Of forgetting




Of the magic of the beginning

There remains

But a few letters

The echo of a joy


By pins on the wall


And the sighing of train

At the end platform




I walked

On sands

That once caressed

her feet

The waves were dying

On her footsteps

And the heart floating

On the rhythm of her memory




Now that your magic is gone

My lady

I yearn

For the days when amulets

Enveloped me

Like a spider web

And I strutted dozing

In the enclosures of my retreat

Savoring my frailty

And doubts


And exalting your name

My lady


Now that your magic is gone

I yearn

My lady

For my death


Translated from Arabic by Norddine Zouitni